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1 Rm Bungalow: $180 / nt
2 Rm Cottages: $270 / nt
Family Cottages: $318 / nt
3 Rm Cottages: $400 / nt
Main House - 4 RM: $540 / nt
Main House - 6 RM: $800 / nt

Optional Silver Service Plan: Cottage, meals, drinks, tips, snorkeling, and taxis. From $205 per person daily.

Inclusive plans: With meals, drinks. $140 per person and up.

Seasonal Discounts Available

Chef Sonia and her staff prepare fresh Jamaican cuisine, graciously served in the garden dining room or on the beach.
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The Boydstons


(876) 957-4403

Welcome To The Luxury Of Fine Dining, without having to go out - and there's no check at the end of the meal. You Can Only Get This Here , & It's EXCLUSIVE To Our Guests. the Boydston's

Pineapple Chicken: Tender chicken slowly cooked with fresh pineapple and seasoned with Jamaican spices

Vegetable Casserole: A medley of Jamaican fresh vegetables steamed and topped with cream sauce and cheese

Filet of Snapper Whistling Bird Style: Red Snapper with onion, sweet pepper, tomato chopped to a relish, between two filets and topped with cheese

Snapper de Chef: Poached Red Snapper served on steamed calaloo and covered with a very light cream sauce

Steam Fish: Filet of fish seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, onion, tomato, water, lime juice, butter and vinegar. Traditional Jamaican style favorite.

Andrea's King Fish Steak: Pan Fried, served with onion rings and maitre ' d butter. A standout!

Lobster (in season): Grilled Broiled Curried Thermidor Newburg -or- Lobster Julie

Sauteed Filet of Fish Whistling Bird Style: Dipped in milk, dusted with flour, sauteed in butter and oil

Sav-la-mar Parakee Shrimp: Succulent, & very unusual. Also Battered , Scampi, Curried, or Turner Style

Escovitched Fish: Pan prepared fish, smothered in sauce of carrot, sweet pepper, hot red pepper, cho-cho, vinegar, thyme, water and oil simmered together

Fricassee Chicken: Our tender free range chicken cooked in onion, escallion, thyme, garlic, and hot pepper

Stuffed Grouper: A lickle of this, a lickle of that, from Grenville's past. Terrific Dish.

Chicken Paprika: Chicken cooked in paprika, chicken stock, and onion

Coconut Chicken: Stuffed with bacon, sweet potato, callaloo, celery, celery, garlic, cooked in coconut milk

Chicken Whistling Bird: Chicken Breast stuffed with eggplant, calaloo, and cheese, rolled in bread crumbs

Pepper Steak: Sirloin of beef , julienne cut, cooked with sweet pepper and onion

Conch Steak Caribbean: Tenderized and lightly fried with Lewis' special batter

Stew Beef , Stew Pork: area available on request, as well as other old time Jamaican dishes.

Pork Chops Native Style: Fried and cooked in tomato sauce, onion, escallion, thyme, garlic, and hot pepper

Vegetarian or Ital Plates: Vegetables prepared to your satisfaction (and the Chef's satisfaction)

Barbeque -or- Jerk: (choose your dishes veggies, pork, chicken, fish, shrimps) Grilled Fish, Chops, Meats, Chicken

Montego Bay Beggars purse: Wrapped in a purse of cabbage leaf, and tied with Banana leaf, three types of fish, one or two root vegetables, Chef's beggars filling, and a wonderful exotic dish - so tasty.

Chicken Breast Farci: Farm Raised Boneless Chicken Stuffed With Jerked Beef Forcemeat, Ackee and Avocado. Served with a Light Sauce.

Bourbon Rock Lobster: Tender Pieces of Jamaican Rock Lobster. flamed in Kentucky Bourbon with Herbs & Onion, Finished with a Shrimp Cream & Hollandaise

Pork Fidel: Tenderloin encrusted with special herbs/crumbs Cubanissimo and Baked.

Lime & Garlic Snapper Sunset Style: Fresh Reef Snapper, Lightly Broiled In White Wine and Whole Butter. Served on a Bed of Avocado, Oranges & Tomato Salad

Herb Grilled Reef Snapper Tuscan Style: Pedro Cay Reef Snapper Marinated in Wine, Olive Oil & fresh Mixed Herbs. Served with a Provencal Style .Chopping Board Salsa & Spaghetti Primavera

Bajan Bean Salad: Blended Beans , Gently Simmered in Coconut Water, Avocado Pear. Tomato, Orange , Herbs & Onion Pasilla Chili & Lime Vinaigrette aaah... Bahamas.

Coconut Lobster Medallions: Jamaican Rock Lobster Medallions Dredged In Coconut & Deep Fried. Served On a Bed of Orange & Tomato Salad

Smoked Chicken Pasta Salad: Chunks of Pimento smoked chicken with Olives, Herbs & Pasta. Tossed in a tangy Vinaigrette

Dessert Treats
We get a surprise with dinner -
Banana Pie
Bread Pudding
Sweet Potato Pie
Key Lime Pie, Chilled Fruit Medley
Banana or Mango Flambe Pineapple And Orange Crepe , flamed In Creme De Banana.
Chilled Melon With coconut Rum
Calico Jack's Creme Brulee
Whistling Bird Pineapple Conde Rum Banana Slices topped with Rice Poached In Milk and Brown Sugar, Pineapple slices & Guava Glaze

Whistling Bird's 5 Course Gourmet Dinner ,
includes fresh baked Bread, Appetizer fresh soup created during the day by the chef, one of our special large salads , in addition to the emphasis on side dishes below.

Sides & Sides
Potatoes Salad
Chef Salad
Jacketed Potatoes
Potato Onion Bake
Eggplants Rockefeller
Onion Rings
French Fries
Baked Potato
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Beet Root
Pumpkin, creamed or baked
Fried Eggplant
Cauliflower or Broccoli
Potato Croquettes
Steamed Cabbage Wedge
Broiled Tomato
Broiled Stuffed Onion
Rice and Peas
Carrots Jamaican Style
Baked or Fried Plantain
Fruit Wedges
Vegetable Medley
Several Cole Slaws
Several Nice Rice Dishes
Jamaican Yam Trio

Whistling Bird Sweet Bread
Banana Bread
Beer & Scotch Bonnet Bread
Garlic Toast
CoCo Bread
Platted Braid Roll
Famous everyday bread

The Bishops Hat
Turner's Homemade Ginger Beer
Eggplant Pizzas Shrimp Cocktail
Stuffed ChoCho or Tomato
Eggplants Rockefeller
Baked Shrimp Dijonaise with Dill, Mustard, white wine, Garlic, Bread Crumbs
Jerk Cauliflower
Stamp and Go
Chicken with their pants legs rolled up

Grandma's Favourite Pepperpot Soup
Pumpkin Soup
Jamaicain Onion Soup
Chilled Mango Soup
Red Peas Soup
Lobster Bisque
Conch Chowder
Traditional Jamaican Fish Tea
Chicken and sweet corn chowder finished with Amontillado Sherry

Whistling Bird's Blooming Garden Salad
Fruits Salad
Potatoes Salad
Flying Cucumber Salad
Traditional Tomato Wedges and Lettuce
Pasta Salad with smoked Marlin and olives Marinated cucumber and onion

Simple breakfast Menu (choose three) :
Several Fruits of the Day,
exotic, wonderful, & Jamaican
Eggs any style
Bacon or Sausage
Pancakes or French toast

We specialize in Room Service Breakfast and beverages except Wednesday & Saturday

Chef's Bountiful Breakfast
Prepared on Wednesday and Saturday, served mid-morning
Several Fruits of the Day,
exotic, wonderful, & Jamaican
Hash Browns,
Johnny Cakes,
Pineapple or Banana Fritters, BAnana Bread,
grilled tomato or plantain.

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