Errol Allen
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876 453 4952

Residing in Montego Bay, exhibiting in Negril

Who could expect that you might meet one of Jamaica's prominent young artist exhibitors of watercolours and oils right on your vacation to Negril? Galleries per se have not become the norm for buying fine art in Jamaica, but rather direct communication with the artist in the natural settings of Negril where an artist might dream of working.

Errol Allen , Master of Light and Shadow, whose paintings, drawings and etchings have placed him among the Masters of Caribbean Fine Art. Born 1960 in Montego Bay, Jamaica ( in the West Indies) on the Barnett Estate Sugar Plantation, Allen has devoted his life to painting, with an affection for showing lines, light, and shadow and colours of the of the ever -changing landscapes and peoples about him. His interest in art began at age three as his early drawings demonstrated prodigious talent. At age eight he began painting using watercolour medium. Many of his early compositions were imitative realism, capturing the landscaoes, seascapes, still life form and the everday ethnic scenes surrounding him.

After leaving high school, Allen embarked on extensive private studies of various art forms, while simultaneously observing the artistic styles and applications of the other famous Jamaican and European artists. From his studies he was particularly inspired by the artwork of Rembrandt, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Van Gogh, Vermeer as well as the French Impressionist painters such as Manet, Renoir, Monet, and Pissaro.

Often described as an artist with many styles, Allen's style and application evolved over the years, evoking reflective imageries of the common ideals of the secular Jamaican way of life. His oil on canvas paintings are composed with rich colourful hues, applied with heavy brush strokes. communicating the romantic expression of the Jamaican genre. He paints from this minds eye often distorting forms or colour to convey the psychological effect of his composition. In recent times he rarely paints with the use of preparatory lines or sketches. By doing this he hopes to capture the most transient natural effects of nature as well as his emotional state as he paints. Errol is a family man with three growing children and wife, traveling Jamaica to paint, from his home in Montego Bay.

Allen believes that his inspiration and talent comes from God who often times holds his hand while he paints. He is therefore modest and rarely ever takes credit for his artistic talent.

In March 2002 Allen was commissioned by the Jamaican Government to do a portrait of th e famed ABC television talk show hostess during a gala event held in honour of Miss Starr Jones 40th birthday celebrations.

Errol exhibits occasionally in Negril, generally for a few days at a time. He can be reached by phone (876 453 4952) to arrange a short exhibit for you, and who knows - you may see him right on the beach painting from life.

Errol Allen Price List
1. A Market Lady $2000
2. Bend Down $2500
3. Going Home $1500
4 Lady in The Market $2000
5. Woman with Baskets $1200
6. Evening Time $1500
7. The Fisherman $2000
8. Calaloo Woman $3000

Actual size of each piece can be sent to you typical is 20 x 28

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