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Captain Moses

Dark eyes sweep over the new passengers, calculating weight, comfort around water, excitement level. As they climb the ladder into the boat, some eagerly, some gingerly, they are directed by the Captain as to where to sit, both to balance the boat and to get the best vantage point for the upcoming glass bottom boat ride.

One and a half leisurely hours on Captain Moses boat will take you off shore to view coral areas that are the breeding grounds and sheltered haven for young fish living in Negril's tropical waters. Small fish, larger fish, awesomely huge sea-stars, giant sponges, coral of every description all glide silently by as you enter the underwater world - with your eyes only.

For those wishing to be an active participant, Captain Moses will run snorkeling trips. Equipment is provided, and an underwater guide points out the activity to note at one of the three sites: Middle Shore, Sandy Key, or Anchor Reef (so named for the anchor and cannon reputed to be left over from days when pirates sailed these waters.)

For those who wish simply to play and enjoy a bit of exhilaration, Captain Moses will also take people on banana boat rides (\wild to subdued - YOU choose the speed!) as well as taking out water skiers. Again, the time frame here is your choice, for as he puts it , You can ski until you're too tired to stand!

Raised in the nearby town of Lucea, his father a fisherman, Moses has grown up around the local waters all his life. Combining the pleasures of the sea, with education about the ecosystem, is a natural occupation for him. Custom tailored trips can be arranged, life vests for non-swimmers are provided, and wheel chair access is available for those in need.

Perhaps the back of his shirt best summed up the possibilities that can be yours with this man's assistance:

"Snorkeling to view the fish,
A sunset cruise if that's your wish,
An island picnic in the sun,
With Captain Moses it's always fun"

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