Mayfield Falls will easily become one of your more memorable day trips. You will travel an intriguing maze of country roads that lead high into the Dolphin Head Mountains and an hour and a half from Negril, a gaily-painted sign will announce your long anticipated arrival.

Your hike begins with a gradual decent into the valley, down a hundred bamboo and dirt steps, and across a bamboo and log suspension bridge. A short walk from the bridge will find you in a broad, open, grassy field, a thatch roofed palapa your bar and official entrance point. It is here that you will pay your admittance fee (approximately $10), meet the gentleman who runs the land, and meet your guide for the falls trek.

Your hike should be laid back, unrushed, unpressured. Go at your own speed; linger where ever you feel the urge. Know that you will be getting WET! There are twenty-three separate little pools along the river walk, and you can linger at any, take a dip whenever you want, or wait until your guide specifically has you stop at certain pools to let you try them out if you so desire. DO!

In some areas, due to the rock placement, the current is strong and the buffeting intense, depending on your body size. These areas are often referred to as natural whirlpools, or water massage areas. Other areas provide a blast of water that will whoosh you across the rocks and down the stream in a jet propelled blur. Imagine pools that rival any jacuzzi, an underwater cave that you can swim through, smooth rock-slide areas that are naturešs answer to a man-made waterpark, mini cliffs to dive from, or a seemingly solid wall of water you force yourself behind - to then sit in a curvature in the rock, and look out through the watery curtain into the liquid sunlight. Or how about places where you lie back on the rocks, submerge your head and have the water shoot past in an arc so that you are actually breathing "underwater"?Š..Amazing!

You may change out of your wet suit at the end of the trip, or air dry on the return hike. Tennis shoes or non-skid water booties would be of comfort, though not necessary.

You will find that you have not laughed so much, nor felt so exhilarated, nor been so thoroughly but pleasantly tired as when you complete a day at the falls. This is nature in all her pure, unpretentious finery. The whole river walk is edged and overhung with a gorgeous tumble of bamboo, flowers, vines, trees, and shrubbery. Your guide will willingly discuss the greenery, and will allow you to sample any fruit in season that you spot on the walk back to the car. And should the fresh air and exercise bring on a greater hunger, fresh cooked Jamaican food may be purchased back at the entrance point.

Donšt miss this chance to experience a most incredible trip!

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