Deep in the sugar cane fields of St. Elizabeth parish, the Appleton Rum Estate plays host to visitors from all over the world, who come seeking knowledge or just to satisfy their curiosity about the famous rums that have been produced here for over 250 years.

After your initial welcome drink in the spacious, sun brightened hospitality room, you will be led on a tour of the grounds, in order to see how modern day production procedures varies from the original old time methods, although some equipment is still in use, like the two hundred year old pot stills.

A small museum dedicated to photos, equipment and artifacts from the early years can be perused at your leisure, and you will be introduced to Paz' the resident donkey, who helps demonstrate the original method for crushing the cane, while stalks are fed into the turning teeth of an old mill.

Over 3000 acres of land are still carefully cultivated for the raw product, and you will see how it is brought to the factory, crushed, fermented, distilled and aged in hand assembled 40 gallon oak barrels. The immense warehouse stores these barrels of maturing rum, which will be ready for tasting in anywhere from three to twenty-one years.

The blending of the rum, necessary before bottling, is currently being done at the Kingston site, however, there is a video you may watch, either as you first arrive, or as you leave, that fully explains this process.

Once the guided part of the tour is complete, you move to the Tavern, where you are now on your own to sample as few, or as many of the rums and liqueurs as you like. A gift shop right across the hall should indulge your rum related whims in a variety of ways.

When leaving the Appleton Rum Estate, you will receive your own souvenir bottle of the smooth V/X rum, the warm amber color whispering promises of a future date.

Entrance fee to the Estate is approximately $12.00US, covers the guided portion of the tour, rum tastings, and complimentary bottle.

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