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The Negril Resort Association was founded by Jim Boydston of the Whistling Bird cottages in 1995, and has grown to include the most successful privately owned resorts and restaurants of the area. We call ourselves "Genuine Jamaica". Our small business members stress personality, hospitality, and a wide selection of vacation styles. For most of our guests, Negril is about simple times, rejuvenation, and feeling good about oneself. Our site, and our co-op are operated on a non-profit basis to serve customers and their agents. We desire to have the best and most up-to-date information. We offer packages that includes everything, or simpler just-the-basic-components trips.

Our aim is to cooperate not only with our members and customers to increase visitor numbers, but to increase satisfaction to help you find Genuine Jamaica. Most Negril fans want to come again, and we think our cooperation with airlines and other sectors of the tourism industry will make it more accessible and more affordable to visit us in Jamaica very often. You can find out about the major hotels almost anywhere, but HERE, here is Genuine Jamaica. Help us make our co-op work. If you've got an idea to help our town and increase employment with steady business, contact us. Spread the word, get some Visitor Guides for your friends, and remember - every month is a great month in Negril, the calm side of paradise.

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